Blue Flower

Global Health Research and Consulting is a women-owned consulting firm that provides services to Governments, NGOs, and International Development Organizations in the field of public health and development. Global Health Research and Consulting accounts development theories and practices and offers culturally sensitive services in the developing world. The company philosophy is rooted in a transformative worldview that promotes change and a better quality of life. We promote sustainability, culturally sensitive and transformative approaches to public health and development issues.



To provide public health services to governments, NGOs, and International Organizations working in developing countries with the ultimate goal of improving the health of the communities.




To provide services, support and enhance our client's capacity to accomplish their mission.


To promote institutional and human capacities, knowledge transfer, and health system strengthening and improvements




We value honesty, excellence, integrity; services with respect to local cultures and values, partnership, community empowerment and leadership, needs based programs, planning and policy development and health prevention.